RockClan Members

Rainstar:(Rainstar)- light brown tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes- determined, loving, and caring, will fight but likes to look for a way to resolve the conflict without bloodshed- was raised in WindClan till she was a warrior- is mother of Scarfire- is mates with Oakstripe

Deputy: Boulderfur- gray tabby tom with brown eyes- strong, determined, unwavering loyalty to his Clan and to his sister, Rainstar- is mentor to Amberpaw- was raised in WindClan with his sister- is mates with Redfur and father to Spottedfur

Medicine Cat: Iceflower(iceflower)-white she-cat with a black splotch on her eye- kind, sweet, caring- is mentor to Spottedpaw- family unknown




 Scarfire(scarfire)-white with black paws, ears, and tail tip with very bright blue eyes-kind, caring- used to be a member of BloodClan and then ran away when she discovered she was having a kit and became a kittypet; then became leader of DarkClan- is daughter of Rainstar

Redfur- reddish-brown with darker red stripes and amber eyes- loving, caring, supportive- is mentor to Mousepaw- used to be a ThunderClan medicine cat but ran away when her mother and brother were killed- is mates with Boulderfur and is the mother of Spottedfur

Sandnose- brown tom with yellow eyes- strong, fun, loud- used to be a loner-is mates with Twigstipe and is father to Rainbowheart and Mousepaw

Blackfur-black tom with bright green eyes- was a rogue-family unknown

Tanglefoot- long-haired black and white tom with green eyes- kind, strong, loving, and will protect his Clan from anything

made by Sandstar

Spottedfur- black she-cat with gray spots and amber eyes- always wants to have fun, loyal, has a sharp tongue and easily gets into squabbles with other cats, but is kind, fun-loving, and energetic- loves Stoneclaw- is daughter of Boulderfur and Redfur

Stoneclaw- dark grey tom with amber eyes- strong, fun, loud- was found as a kit and foster mother was Twigstripe- loves Spottedfur- Family unknown

Twigstripe-brown she-cat with sandy-colored stripes and bright green eyes- loving, caring, and kind- used to be in RiverClan but ran away- is mates with Sandnose and is mother to Rainbowheart and Mousepaw


Spottedpaw-black tom with white tail, paws, and really light-blue eyes, blind- is nice and mean at times-medicine cat apprentice- mother was killed in a rat attack- has no family

Rainbowheart(sarahparker...)-tan she-cat with brown stripes and bright blue eyes-is a newly-made warrior- fun, loud, thinks about the consequences of an action before doing it- Mousepaw- light brown she-cat with faint darker brown stripes (is younger than Rainbowpaw)- both cats arthe daughters of Sandnose and Twigstripe

Amberpaw-dark red-furred she-cat with amber eyes- kind and a bit loud- best friends with Rainbowheart- used to be a ThunderClan apprentice and came to RockClan with Redfur- Family unknown

   Queen and Kits


Ashstorm(Brightspot)- gray tom with blue eyes, dark grey specks on back and dark grey stripes on tail- cranky but smart and like all elders, loves telling stories to kits and apprentices- sleeps a lot-past unknown- Family has all died

Other Cats



Leader: Stonestar- long-haired blue gray tom with ice-blue eyes- kind, fair, compassionate-is mates with Silverfoot and is father to Littlepaw and Gorgepaw

Deputy: Clawfur- white battle-scarred tom- despises loners, rogues, and half-clan cats, likes to fight- used to be in BloodClan when he was a kit- has no mate or kits

Medicine Cat: Riverheart- dark gray with light gray stripes and unusual green eyes-kind, strong, faithful- is the brother of Silverfoot



Oakstripe- brown tom with lighter, tannish-red stripes and dark blue eyes- kind, loving, caring, encouraging-is mentor to Littlepaw- is mates with Rainstar

Riverstone- blue-gray tom with yellow eyes- kind, friendly, usually bright and happy- is mentor to Gorgepaw- is best friends with Oakstripe and Rainstar- is mates with Foxstripe


Gorgepaw- blue-gray tom with ice-blue eyes- is mean to the other apprentices(except to his sister) and makes smart remarkes-is the the son of Silverfoot and Stonestar


Littlepaw- silver-furred she-cat with pretty light-blue eyes-sweet, kind, and a bit quiet- is the daughter of Stonestar and Silverfoot and is the sister to Gorgepaw


Queens and Kits

Reedfur- brown she-cat with unusual blue eyes- is usually not very friendly toward other cats- is mates with a warrior named Streakfur

Silverfoot- light silver tabby she-cat with pretty light-blue eyes- sweet, kind, caring- was once a rogue- is mates with Stonestar and is mother to Littlepaw and Gorgepaw


Foxstripe- red-furred she-cat with pale stripes on her tail and green eyes- nice and can be arrogant at times- is mates with Riverstone


Ravenstar(maddy)- black she-cat with orange amber eyes- kind, fun, lound, funny- no mates or kits

Deputy- Spottedface (with his apprentice, Redpaw)-kind, relaxed, calm, but very tense and fierce in battle-is mates with Ravenstar and is the father to Redpaw  Redpaw- very kind- is the son of Spottedface and Ravenstar

Here's the pic, Brightspot. :)










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