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This site is based off of my Warrior Cats fan fiction. RockClan is a FAN SITE, which means all credit for Warriors Cats series goes to the fabulous author Erin Hunter. You can find the latest Warriors news, and even rp with you own character here at RockClan.

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This website is still IN PROGRESS. So I apologize for any pages that are just completely blank or pages that don't make sense. I am still working on it. This doesn't mean you can't become a member right away, though! Feel free to join!


When you join RockClan, just go to the guestbook and fill out the following form if you want to have your own RockClan rp character to use. You can use any character of yours you want, I don't care if you use him or her for other stuff. If you have a picture of your character, you can just send it to me at this e-mail- raineyskye.deviantart@gmail.com


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